Founded in 1990, Polímeros Especiales is a 100% Mexican company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of emulsion polymers, focused on a spirit of service and satisfaction of market requirements through highly qualified technical personnel.


To be a consolidated company with a presence and prestige in the market and one that provides permanent security for our employees.


The company is committed to conducting business with integrity and excellence. This objective will be achieved by recognizing and respecting the relationship we have with our customers, suppliers, employees and the community where we are located.


POLIMEROS ESPECIALES SA DE CV, is one of the 8 companies in Guanajuato that has “Clean Company Environmental Certification”, out of a total of 38,594 companies that exist in the entity. The “Clean Company Environmental Certification” is obtained with periodic evaluations of the production processes of the interested company, through which it is guaranteed that there is no contamination of air, water or soil. Other aspects to periodic monitoring are noise levels, safety and hygiene of personnel and the company in general, as well as potential environmental risks. Once the company has been evaluated and certified as a «Clean Company», the document is valid for two years with the possibility of being renewed.

The quality, environment, safety and hygiene is the responsibility and commitment of all of us who are part of this company, based on processes we always seek continuous improvement, we make the necessary efforts so that each operation meets the objectives and thus satisfy the requirements of our clients and the environment.

Polimeros Especiales

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